Bobby Alu

Bobby Alu returns to Felons Barrel Hall for his last headline show for 2022!
Move. And be moved. Find your flow and go about each day to the rhythm of your own making. That’s the personal and musical mission of Byron Bay singer, ukulele strummer and drummer Bobby Alu.
Amidst smooth harmonies, rhythms inspired by a family lineage of Polynesian performance, and unassuming grooves that work a gradual, smile-inducing high through even a casual listener, Bobby Alu tunes have a way of sneaking into the subconscious and taking up residence. Take it slow, enjoy the ride, urges the curator of calm with gentle optimism, encouraging the type of reflection best achieved in a hammock. Though it’s not all palm trees and daydreams – there’s a robust energy in Alu’s mastery of Samoan log drums, and a vitality to his songwriting that nods to roots, soul and pop intelligence.


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