2 Broke 4 Mardi Gras

Presented by Shandy & Felons Barrel Hall.

We don’t believe your bank balance should stop you from connecting with queer family on the dance floor, which is why we’re throwing a festive, fabulous, and frugal celebration of Mardi Gras right here in Brisbane that we like to call…

2 Broke 4 Mardi Gras! Headlined by legendary maestros of disco – Horse Meat Disco!
Horse Meat Disco
Horse Meat Disco (HMD) is a club night and DJ collective whose legend is bigger than just about any niche you could try stuffing it in. Originally based out of The Eagle in South London in 2004, HMD has quickly evolved into a powerful force in queer and club culture as a whole, while staying local to its original home, each and every Sunday.
Taking inspiration from a diverse, counter-cultural history of clubs and DJs, as well as from the sprawling, ever-expanding musical collections of its resident crew, the sound of HMD is impossible to place.

Full Line-Up:

Horse Meat Disco
Cr Black Amex

Chocolate Boxx
Gayleen Tuckwood
Missy Matriix
Poly Lez Slut
Roxanne Redacted
Stefani Stefani
First Release: $20 + BF
Second Release: $25 + BF
Final Release: $30 + BF
Hit the link to grab your tickets!

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