HSW Events Catering Chef


Events at Howard Smith Wharves are catered for by our culinary team headed by David Finlayson, Director of Culinary. Originally from Scotland, David brings an impressive global experience to Howard Smith Wharves, where he oversees the food and beverage offering for Felons Brewing Co., Mr Percival’s, Howard’s Hall and Rivershed Events. Delivering inspired menus supporting Queensland’s best growers and makers, events catered for at Howard Smith Wharves will use organic produce cultivated onsite at Howard Smith Wharves, offering a tantalising food experience underpinned with an ethos of sophisticated simplicity delivered on a large scale.


Our philosophy is to showcase the best of Queensland at each event, establishing a culture of quality service and creating memorable experiences that last a lifetime. Our dishes will balance exciting innovation and deeply satisfy nostalgia, offering a food experience that is both comforting and tantalising.

Every event will be enhanced by seasonal cuisine made from the finest local produce, with freshly roasted coffee, hand crafted Felon’s Brewing Co beer made on-site and incorporated into our event packages.

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We’re focused on minimising our carbon footprint, and aim to develop and maintain the Howard Smith Wharves site in the most sustainable way possible.

In collaboration with Closed Loop, we’re working towards reducing waste from business operations, by identifying and sourcing products that can be recycled and remanufactured into new products after use.

As part of our efforts to be environmentally sustainable, organic produce will be cultivated on-site by a team of horticulturalists using permaculture design principles.

We’re taking a holistic approach to environmental responsibility and sustainability, striving to create a precinct that motivates other public spaces to follow suit.