Our Story

We are HSW Nominees. Led by Adam Flaskas, we were selected by Brisbane City Council to undertake the revitalisation of Howard Smith Wharves. We have a history of refurbishing heritage-listed and derelict buildings into high profile, unique operations, as well as creating and operating hospitality, tourism and event spaces. Our projects include Victoria Park Golf Complex, Halcyon House, and Leckhampton House.

HSW Nominees plan to own and operate the precinct for the long term. With a three-tiered approach of restoration, design, and visitor education, we’re bringing the site’s maritime past into the present. Our vision is to transform this underutilised 3.4-hectare Brisbane CBD site and redefine event, tourism, leisure, and food experiences in our vibrant river city.

We’re proud to be working with Brisbane locals, Hutchinson Builders, who are working hard to deliver construction and restoration of the new facilities and heritage buildings.

Come on down and enjoy Howard Smith Wharves for yourself.

Our Vision

Originally constructed in the 1930s, the Howard Smith Wharves project was initiated by the Queensland Government to provide locals with relief work during the depression. These astonishing spaces were largely abandoned since the 60’s, but are now heritage listed. They’re a rare surviving example of early city infrastructure, with offices, sheds, and wharfage still intact.

Our vision is to breathe new life into a historic Brisbane site that has laid dormant for decades. Nestled at the bend of the Brisbane river, beneath the Story Bridge and the sheer face of riverside cliffs, this 3.4-hectare site is being transformed into an agenda-setting entertainment and lifestyle precinct surrounding the heritage listed buildings.

More than 80% of the site has been allocated as public space; ensuring a community playground for all of Brisbane to enjoy. Cycle or walk through 500m of river’s edge, or stop and enjoy the abundant green spaces, urban agriculture, dynamic cliff lighting, and theatre-like public seating. This will be a place for the whole community to play.

Utilising the river’s edge, locals and tourists will be awed by the spellbinding views and the culinary delights served up by our multi award-winning chefs. We’re creating a community around food, so you can dine and drink just metres from the Brisbane River.

In 2019 we plan to launch a series of pioneering food and culture festivals to activate the site.

This community precinct provides the perfect platform and inspiring location for exhibitions, meetings, conferences, and special events. The natural beauty of its surrounding elements – the cliffs, heritage-listed buildings and riverfront location – create a refreshing oasis for all types of events just moments from the bustling city centre.

We aim to provide an offering that cements Brisbane as a must-visit Australian city. Celebrating its unique position and city and river views, HSW will add yet another cultural dimension to Brisbane’s lively inner city.