About HSW

Brisbane’s best lifestyle and entertainment destination.

Our Story

We know Brisbane means many things to many people. 

A foodie haven, a hotbed of creativity, a playground for nature lovers—all with its iconic river acting as the thread that winds through it all. 

Here we play, we revel, we indulge and embrace life to its fullest.

That’s why we built Howard Smith Wharves to be an ever-evolving dining and entertainment destination that brings this diversity of food, music and community together. 

By taking the artefacts of Brisbane’s wharfage history, we’ve tied together Brisbane’s working heritage to the thriving modern city it has become today.

Located beneath the Story Bridge, our waterfront home boasts 13 restaurants, cafes, bars, event spaces and a hotel. Along with the multi-awarded Felons Brewery at our heart, we’re dedicated to raising the bar on hospitality. 

Led by our founder Adam Flaskas and brought to life by our passionate team, we’ve built a precinct that celebrates Brisbane’s magnetic energy—harnessing it for all to enjoy, from day to night.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant playground for lovers of the good life. 

When the heat kicks in we turn up with ice-cold beers and fresh local fare, then as the cool temps take over, we take full advantage of our golden ray days with uninterrupted city and water views right here on the Brisbane River.

The HSW vision is about heralding a new era of flavours and ideas, reflecting the city’s status as Queensland’s home of arts, culture and creativity, while still respecting and celebrating our heritage.

More than a foodie precinct, we’re in pursuit of bringing together the best of the city into a single thriving destination. 

Be it fine-dining or casual catch-ups, HSW is where the city comes to unwind, unite and say cheers to the best life this city provides.

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